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The Philosophy of Co-Curriculum Activities at The World Academy

At The World Academy, we believe that co-curricular activities play a significant part in the school’s curriculum and students’ physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. These activities provide students with opportunities to explore and enjoy new areas of interest, build, and develop skills, assume leadership roles, and build meaningful connections, interrelationships, and friendships with other students. Participation in these activities also promotes the development of core values such as responsibility, honesty, perseverance, commitment, and teamwork.

At the beginning of this academic year (2022-2023), our sports activities were temporarily withheld due to covid restrictions, but we are happy to inform you that our activities resumed after spring break. Currently, we are offering basketball, cross-country and track field activities.

We remain committed to offering a wide variety of activities designed to broaden students’ experiences and education and look forward to an exciting year!

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