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Welcome to Seniors- Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!

The World Academy is looking forward to another great year ahead full of academic success, holistic development, and full on-campus teaching and learning. What a fantastic way to mark the start of a successful and engaging year!

Every staff member at The World Academy is devoted to addressing our students’ diverse needs and individualism; making sure each student has the tools needed to earn a high school diploma, and setting each student up to be fully prepared for life beyond the high school classroom. It remains our mission to further develop each senior into an independent, life-long learner with a broad focus on citizenship and cultural awareness.

Our personalised Cambridge Primary Curriculum (to Year 9) and our US Common Core Secondary Curriculum (Year 10 – 13) are based around the concepts of culture, conflict, communication, and conservation. Through creative, innovative, and thought-provoking themes, students develop their skills and knowledge and learn to apply them to real-world issues. Students learn through ‘having a go’, making mistakes, practising, sharing, persevering, consolidating, and applying what they have learnt to build resilience and a real sense of achievement.

At The World Academy, we have managed to create a safe, inviting campus for all students to attend; parents have open lines of communication with administrators and staff, and students are invited to simply to have an amazing year.

As a school, we strive to offer opportunities our students may not otherwise have at home. As a community, we are blessed to be able to create a caring body of students, parents, and staff, which, in turn, creates strong, resilient students.

At The World Academy, every student has the potential to reach for the stars!

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