Holistic Education

Education is about experiences. The World Academy – King Abdullah Economic City offers a complete range of life experiences, in and out of the specialized learning zones.

In addition to academic excellence inspired by the highest academic standards, The World Academy offers a 360 degree Holistic Education. We believe it is important for our new generation to learn and rise with:

  • Strong values
  • Healthy body
  • Strong character and leadership qualities
  • Unique creativity

The World Academy has developed programs to enhance the learning experience of students in these 4 areas underpinned by world class facilities. Holistic education is well integrated into the curriculum and is also addressed directly in Life Skills classes, Civics and Health lessons. In addition, after school activities provide students with the opportunity to improve life skills through:

  1. Performing Arts
  2. Athletics
  3. Debate and Model united Nations
  4. Service Learning projects
  5. Team and leadership building activities
  6. Robotics and Design Technology
  7. Language and Study Skills
  8. Islamic and Arabic Studies activities
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