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The design of the curriculum aims to provide students with the tools to assess and solve problems, to develop socially and emotionally, and to become global citizens.  The curriculum is based on a conviction that students grow through understanding how they learn as much as they do from the acquisition of specific concepts and knowledge.

Our approach is guided by respect for children’s individual differences, by recognizing their inherent capacity for growth, and by a commitment to plan activities and environments that shape their learning and provide opportunities for success.

TWA is at an exciting stage of its development as we transition to a full British curriculum school.  The aim of our new academic courses is to nurture future leaders through the provision of a rigorous, well-rounded education, based on four key principles.

  • An enhanced British curriculum – the education programme combines a progressive and rigorous academic curriculum with a fulfilling and diverse co-curriculum.  By combining these two elements, students benefit from the opportunities to develop as able, well-rounded young people.  The enhanced British curriculum will ultimately prepare students for IGCSEs and A-Levels.
  • Academic excellence for all – with the encouragement and support of dedicated teachers, students benefit from a personalized approach to teaching and learning that encourage them to reach their highest levels of achievement.
  • Reinforcement of Saudi culture – the school reinforces the Saudi nature of the education on offer by placing importance on Arabic culture, language, arts and Islamic Studies.  The World Academy teaches students the importance of respect, thoughtfulness, considerateness, kindness, generosity and mindfulness.
  • Standards– academic standards are benchmarked against UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) framework for inspection.  ISI is the body approved by the UK Government for the purpose of inspecting schools both in England and overseas. 

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