Pastoral Care

“We recognize that students thrive when they feel happy and at ease in their surroundings. Students succeed best in an atmosphere of care and support – every adult in the school is happy to listen and students are encouraged to talk openly about any issues or concerns.”

A high standard of pastoral care is a feature of TWA.  Our aim is to try to ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn:

  • to live together in a happy, secure environment in which there is a sense of community, respect for one another and good citizenship;
  • to take personal decisions based on their own judgment and to be able to communicate these appropriately and effectively.

We encourage teachers and teaching assistants to recognize a pastoral-care dimension in every interaction with their students.  Members of staff are trained to understand this and to learn to communicate any concerns they may have with respect to any difficulties that a particular student may be experiencing. 

All students are guided by our core values of respect, tolerance and care for others.  Our Student Council gives children a voice and a sense of involvement in wider school life, whilst our Tutor System ensures that all students have a very clear and direct line of support.

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