Mission Statement

The World Academy engages students in education for life built upon the highest standards of international curriculum. We enable students to develop critical and creative thinking skills, and to make connections necessary for success in the 21st century. We foster the development of our students’ special areas of interest and talent. We honor individual and team achievements and independent initiative.

The World Academy fosters a sense of community among students, faculty and parents as citizens with special talents and responsibilities to themselves and society. Our faculty of outstanding international educators takes pride in its commitment to teaching a diverse student population in the Kingdom. We enrich our curriculum with the unique resources and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

TWA celebrates the holistic vision for King Abdullah Economic City to be the single greatest enabler of social and economic growth for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The World Academy is at the center of the KAEC community, providing families with a friendly, healthy environment and welcoming parents and students alike. To ensure access to our international curriculum, we have specialized services for students.

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