Why Choose The World Academy

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The World Academy – King Abdullah Economic City has differentiated programs that are either unique in the KSA, or provided for the first time in world class programs and facilities.

Differentiated Programs:

TWA provides Education for Life through school services and facilities never experienced before in the KSA. The World Academy believes in access to all, offering inclusive education for boys and girls age 3 to Grade 12.

TWA offers the English Language Learners Program in Grades 1-12 for students to improve their English skills while participating in mainstream classroom studies.

TWA offers the experiential learning program that capitalizes on our world class facilities and location. At the center of King Abdullah Economic City, the facilities and surrounding areas provide unique opportunities for real life applications of learning, entrepreneurial activities, field and marine studies.
TWA offers student services department for learning differences to address the individual needs of each student. TWA is an inclusive program where all children can learn and fulfill their potential.
TWA is a Flagship Smart School on the cutting edge of educational methods and the integration of technology into classroom instruction. TWA Faculty are trained professionals who embrace 21st century technology in combination with the acquisition of creative thinking skills.

TWA provides the best and brightest teaching faculty in the region because of worldwide recruitment processes, continuous professional development and rigorous standards of teaching and learning.
TWA celebrates the holistic vision for King Abdullah Economic City to be the single greatest enabler of social and economic growth for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TWA is at the center of the KAEC community, providing families with a friendly, healthy environment and welcoming parents and students alike.
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