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TWA delivers the British Curriculum, from early years up to Year 9 (grade 8), and the US Common Core Curriculum, from year 9 onwards. By combining both curriculums, TWA offers students to have the opportunity to benefit from both programmes and receive dynamic and diverse pedagogical approaches, with a set of high-quality academic standards, to ensure that students are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to reach their full potential and to succeed and prosper in their higher education, career, and life.

Our new academic courses aim is to foster future leaders a holistic, rigorous, innovative, and well-rounded education, based on four key principles:

1. a Conjoint Curriculum- British and US Core Curriculum- that combines a progressive, diverse, fulfilling, and thorough academic curriculum. By combining both academic syllabi programs, students can have the opportunities to benefit from and enjoy various educational approaches and develop as able, well-rounded young people.

2. Academic Excellence for all – with the encouragement and support of dedicated teachers, students benefit from a personalized approach to teaching and learning that encourages them to reach their highest levels of potential.

3. Valuing the Saudi culture and Multiculturalism – by placing significant importance on learning the Arabic culture, language, art, and Islamic Studies. Moreover, our school celebrates multiculturalism and teaches students the importance of respect, tolerance, thoughtfulness, empathy, considerateness, kindness, generosity, and mindfulness. TWA is aiming at developing the foreign language department in the near future.

4. Academic Standards- are benchmarked against the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) framework for inspection. ISI is the body approved by the UK Government to inspect schools both in England and overseas.

Furthermore, TWA offers extra-curricular activities that contribute to students’ physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. Moreover, these activities encourage students to lead a healthy lifestyle and to build friendships and small communities.

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