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King Abdullah Economic City is strategically positioned where the world’s most vital maritime and air shipping routes converge to reach some 250 million consumers. The city lies 88 km to the north from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second largest city. The city has a Haramain High-Speed Railway station and is next door to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. 

King Abdullah Port 

King Abdullah Port was created to match the aspirations of KAEC and to encourage its urban development process. 

Haramain High-Speed Railway Station 

It transports passengers to and from King Abdulaziz International Airport, as well as to and from Holy cities in  25-to-60-minutes. 

Industrial Valley 

With a capacity to host over 2,500 manufacturers and logistics services companies and the bonded re-export zone. 
Central Business District 

Ample capacity for investment office space and various residential solutions. 

Residential Zone 

Comprehensive, full-fledged residential communities that meet the requirements of a modern lifestyle, with attractive housing solutions that correspond to different levels of income 

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College  

The MBA program began in 2017, and the graduate programs at the college are based on the Babson Global College’s distinguished curriculum. 

National Aviation Academy 

A non-profit academy specialized in aviation training, in association with governmental entities the academy aims to train commercial and military aviation students. 

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