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At TWA High School we take Student Voice seriously and students are encouraged to be actively involved in our School Community. ​We acknowledge that students have unique perspectives on learning and schooling, thus, they are given the opportunity to be involved in decision making by taking the ownership of being actively engaged in shaping their own education so they the get the benefit throughout the school life and into the future. 

Students can make their Voice heard at TWA in many ways, such as, but not limited to:  

  1. Student Council 
  1. Student led assemblies 
  1. Regular, purposeful surveys and feedback  
  1. Consultation on whole school projects 
  1. Use The Voice Box suggestion box  

Student voice is deeply embedded into the curriculum and it is an integral part of life at TWA. Our Student Council group years 5- 13, who make up our Student Voice, are highly encouraged to use each of these opportunities. These students meet weekly, and when need be, to discuss, share ideas. The purpose is to enable students to make a difference in improving school life experience for themselves and their peers and benefit from developing a range of soft skills for now and future life,  such as oracy, literacy, teamwork, reasoning, work ethic, career management, intercultural fluency, co-operation, adaptability, flexibility and social skills and try to  

The Seniors also has its own Student Voice team, bringing views from the team of senior prefects, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl (for further details see the Senior section of the website). 

How does it work? 

It’s got three elements; Council meetings, action teams and a communication team. 

  • Class meetings: Short, structured and student-led meetings supervised by Council teacher and these happen focusing on the events and the impact on students’ academic and citizenship. They happen in Council Class and the message then is carried by a student council representative.  
  • Action teams: Student council Board set up an action team based on council interest or passion. 
  • Communication team: Explores ways to implement change and progress. They communicate regularly with TWA Senior Leadership Team. They meet every week to develop the work of both Action Teams and the Council’s termly focus. 
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