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Welcome to Middle school – Vice Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!

The World Academy is looking forward to another great year ahead full of academic success, holistic development and full on-campus teaching and learning. What a fantastic way to mark the start of a successful and engaging year!

At The World Academy, our Primary school programmes bring together children with various cultural backgrounds, skills, and school experiences. Every student is guided individually through our stimulating and holistic learning programmes, including Phonics, by our professional and caring teachers and support staff.

Our personalised Cambridge Primary Curriculum is based around the concepts of culture, conflict, communication, and conservation. Through creative, innovative, and thought-provoking themes, students develop their skills and knowledge and learn to apply them to real-world issues. Students learn through ‘having a go’, making mistakes, practising, sharing, persevering, consolidating, and applying what they have learnt to build resilience and a real sense of achievement.

At its core, our curriculum motivates students to develop transferable, lifelong learning skills rather than solely accumulate facts and figures. In line with the Cambridge philosophy and the school culture, it encourages students to become active, curious, passionate, and independent learners. Students learn how to work together, communicate effectively, recognise, and respect similarities and differences, and appreciate nature and the world around them.

The curriculum is primarily taught in English and is planned to ensure that it is engaging, challenging, and inspiring. Our children represent a wide variety of nationalities, which gives us a truly international perspective; our curriculum is enhanced by their richness of expertise and experience.

Our class teachers plan and prepare the curriculum and are supported by teaching assistants. We offer a high adult to student ratio which enables us to offer personalised teaching, encouragement, and support in an optimum environment.

At The World Academy, every student has the potential to reach for the stars!

Shafiek Williams, Acting Vice-Principal (Academic Affairs)

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