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The school believes in the importance of embedding an annual quality assurance cycle to ensure continuous improvement. The school’s annual development plan is determined by the school’s rolling three-year strategic plan, a detailed annual self-evaluation process and staff, parent and student engagement process. The school’s SDP is efficient, transparent and promotes accountability by ensuring it is updated and shared openly with all stakeholders in prominent locations around the school. The timeline for the annual process is set out in the table below.

Autumn TermStaff Induction & Appraisal – Linked to SDP [August] SDP – Update 1 of 3 [November]SEF – Evaluate & add new evidence from monitoring) [November] Complete SEF by third Friday in November:
· QA Form
 · Safeguarding Form
. Student data outcome analysis [December]

Parental and Student Engagement Surveys – Parents and students complete surveys [January] & Results received & Analyzed [March] Staff Engagement – Feedback Action Plans [February/March] SDP – Update 2 of 3 Draft possible new whole school priorities [March]

SEF – Reflect from QA Team [January] SEF – Share QA feedback with staff [February]
Summer Term
Parent and Student Engagement Surveys – Results shared with staff, parents and students [April] SDP – Update 3 of 3 Finalize & share new SDP with staff and parents [May]
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