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At TWA, the supportive relationships and deep bond between students and staff, and among the students themselves are some of the main strengths and unique features which make this institute an ideal educational centre for young minds.

We pride ourselves, with the help of parents and the community, to offer each student every opportunity to achieve to their ability with a sense of respect, rights and responsibility.

The ongoing relationships with staff have fostered an orderly atmosphere in which all students can access opportunities, enhance their academic achievements, and improve student attendance and retention rates.

Islamic values are ethical standards at TWA, taken from Quran and the Prophetic tradition and deeply embedded in the teaching traditions. Islamic ethos are expressed through the way students think and act.

To further promote and enhance learners’ experiences and instil positive behaviour and world-class citizenship characteristics our teachers, counsellors, student services department, sectional leads, and pastoral care leaders are led by a team of senior leaders who are always available for students and parents to meet with them.

In Primary School, the class teacher establishes a strong bond with students and partnership with parents to support the students’ holistic growth.

In Middle and Secondary School, the Form Tutor is the first point of contact. The Form Tutor provides support and guidance to both students and parents throughout the year. Sectional Leads work with the Form Tutors and school Senior Leadership Team to support students in their pastoral care.

Regular weekly assemblies in each segment of the school, and sometimes whole school assemblies are mostly driven by students. Our Student Council members, explore different themes relevant and interesting to students to promote engagement. TWA’s PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional) program underpins key elements of pastoral care.

The Student Services Team aims to ensure that all students are well cared for in the areas of social and emotional need and development. This is done in a variety of ways through the various professional skills each member of the team brings.

Our College Career and University Guidance Specialist and the dedicated teachers instil soft skills and facilitate senior students with applications to Universities and Colleges around the world to make better choices and graduate

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